At MIKCO, we have built a reputation over that past 40 years…

Born in the Wallingford, CT basement of our founder Michael Boissy in the late 70’s (1978) Mikco has surely earned its place of respect in the industry. The company has endured the many faces of our country’s fickle manufacturing industry and still slings chips daily.

Our Founder Michael Boissy

Our Founder Michael Boissy

Know that when you might decide to work with us, you are working with highly trained and experienced mechanical engineers, journeymen and of course our founder Mike bringing the deep experience of 40+ years in the trade.

Today our core business model is based on offering high-speed, multi-axis CNC horizontal milling and horizontal mill-turn services and rapid prototyping for advanced components in days and weeks not months. We move fast, leveraging our state of the art equipment, software and highly skilled programming engineers. 40 Years experience comes in handy as well….

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We work very close with our customers engineering and supply chain teams to rapidly produce complex components from scratch and or modify existing components quickly and efficiently, giving you more time to deal with important issues as a purchasing executive.

Todays precision CNC environment has evolved by leeps and bounds, at Mikco we leverage all of today’s amazing technology to minimize the time from print to part. We are not an average shop and we push the limits in all aspects to offer CNC services that we feel are ahead of our time.